• White Color Enhancer
  • Waxes
  • Defoamers, levelling and wetting agents, dispersing agents
  • Inorganic Pigment Dispersions
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White Color Enhancer

This additive increases the optical perception of the white color when it is exposed to the natural light. It is used in coatings with a low content of Titanium Dioxide, where it gives a whitening effect by reflecting the UV radiation received. It is compatible with the majority of the formulation of decorative paints.


These products can be used in wide range of products i.e. decorative paints, floor coating, printing inks, powder coatings, wood coatings, etc. they can do different roles including scratch resistance, improve hand feeling, lubricity, hardening agent, degassing, etc.

Synthetic waxes are based on PE, PP, PTFE, PA in micronized, suspension or emulsion forms. Depending on the product we can suggest suitable grades.

Defoamers, levelling and wetting agents, dispersing agents (for solvent borne and solvent free products):

As solvent borne coatings can be applied on various substrate, the ability to offer a uniform film is very important. In this case, some additives should be used, like levelling and substrate wetting agents which can help the coating to wet the surface properly and form a uniform film.

In order to have a suitable dispersion we can suggest you dispersing and wetting agents to disperse the pigments in binder efficiently.

Foam and bubbles may cause different defects and problems and solving them can cost a lot. In order to prevent of foam formation or reduce the effect of them, defoamers can help you.

Inorganic Pigment Dispersions

This product is a dispersion of different blue pigments, predominance of blue 29. There are two grades of this product which are solvent borne and water borne. They are developed for giving bluish shade to white coatings that increase the color perception.

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