In water- based products one the undesired problems is microorganism attack and consequently contamination by them. The best way to prevent from happening is to benefit from additives which can preserve the products against microorganisms including bacteria, fungus, algae, yeast, etc. these additives can be divided to two groups:

  • In can Preservatives: they can protect products in storage stage
  • Dry film Protectors: they are able to prevent contamination after application stage

In Can Preservatives

As indicated by name, preserve the goods in wet-state (in can) and also in storage stage. Most of the In-can preservatives reduce the possibility of the contamination, but there is a common mistake that these additives can disinfect contaminated products, while for this purpose it is recommended to use disinfectants.

Dry Film Protectors

With the aim of protecting dry film against growth of fungus, algae and yeast the best solution is using dry film preservatives. These additives can be effective after application stage. When dry film is exposed to moisture, nutritive materials and other mineral factors the conditions are appropriate for growing microorganisms. Thanks to presence of these additives, the possibility of contamination will decrease. One point which should be taken into account is sanitizing contaminated surface. Because without this process the efficiency of dry film protector would be less.

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